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Youth In Need

Professional Mental Health Counseling
Youth In Need's Professional Mental Health Counseling (PMHC) program provides high-quality counseling services to St. Louis County youth up to age 19 in both school-based and office/community settings. Therapists provide PMHC via individual sessions, group sessions, and family sessions for all clients based on their presenting concerns and level of need for services. Embedded school-based therapists serve schools in ten school districts and office-based therapists serve youth and families at the Youth In Need Counseling office in Olivette.

Transitional Living Program
Youth in Need's Transitional Living Program (TLP) provides long-term housing for homeless youth moving towards independence. The services are provided in two sites, the Group Home located in St. Charles City and the Supported Apartments located in St. John. TLP provides safety and stability in a residential setting. Additional supports include counseling, case management, life skills, and employment support. Youth aged 16-19 are eligible for services and stay in the program for up to two years, depending on individual need. Follow up is provided as youth transition into independence.

Emergency Shelter
Youth in Need's Emergency Shelter provides immediate crisis intervention for youth who are homeless or who are at risk of homelessness, as well as support for youth of families experiencing crisis. Shelter completes 24-hour intakes and provides basic needs including short-term housing, food, clothing, and hygiene products. Shelter provides additional support including counseling, case management, life skills training, and recreational activities. Youth aged 10-19 are eligible for services. This 12-bed program provides safety and stability for up to 30 days of shelter services as well as follow up services, as needed.

Street Outreach Program
The Street Outreach Program meets the needs of runaway and homeless youth by offering support services on the streets of St. Louis County. The Street Outreach team is available 24 hours per day to provide crisis intervention to anyone, 19 and under, who goes to a Safe Place site or calls the Youth Connection Helpline. The team provides ongoing case management to connect youth with much needed resources, including emergency shelters, education programs, physical and mental health care, job readiness/employment training, and long-term housing.

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To build on the strengths of children, youth and families so they find safety, hope and success in life.
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