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Wyman Center Inc.

Teen Outreach Program
Wyman's TOP is an evidence-based prevention program promoting positive youth outcomes through increased social-emotional skills and decreased risk behaviors. TOP features a unique combination of engaging curriculum-guided psychoeducational groups, adult guidance and support, and community service learning (CSL) interventions. Activities focus on improving social-emotional learning and life skills, supporting the development of a positive sense of self, strengthening connections to others, and decreasing risky behaviors. Requested CSF funding will sustain Wyman's direct delivery of TOP in the Ferguson-Florissant and University City School Districts, and newly support expanded delivery of TOP in Normandy Schools Collaborative. Wyman will serve all 6th graders at the new Wedgwood 6th Grade Center in Ferguson-Florissant, all 7th and 8th graders at Brittany Woods Middle School in University City, and all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at the new Jefferson Elemiddle School in Normandy.

Teen Connection Program
Wyman proposes to bring our Teen Connection Project (TCP) to 9th-12th graders at University City High School (UCHS) as part of health classes during the 21-22 and 22-23 school years. TCP consists of 12 curriculum-based small group sessions facilitated by trained adults. TCP creates an experience of connection that leads to improved relationships, sense of self, and social-emotional skills, all of which are associated with positive mental health outcomes and can counteract negative effects of COVID isolation. Lessons occur in small groups of up to 15 youth for 45-60 minutes, and are sequenced to gradually build trust, strengthen connections within the group, and help students use skills outside of the group setting. TCP was developed in partnership with Dr. Joseph Allen at University of Virginia, and studied in Ritenour, Hazelwood, and University City school districts. Research demonstrates statistically significant improvements in peer relationships, school engagement, social coping, and depressive symptoms, as well as a high rate of satisfaction and engagement. Approximately 40 UCHS students per semester will receive TCP as part of their regular health class, led by a trained Wyman facilitator. Wyman will work with school leadership in Fall 2021 to finalize plans, with implementation to begin in Spring 2022. We anticipate in-person implementation, but a virtual TCP option is available if needed. To further build a relationships-based culture and social emotional skills at U City High School, students who have participated in TCP and students who apply and meet the school's criteria as peer leaders will support TCP clubs as student leaders. They will participate in and support each TCP group, serve as resources for other students, and reinforce the culture of healthy peer relationships taught in TCP sessions. Student leaders will receive training and a stipend. Stipends will be paid through a separate funding source. TCP is a unique and innovative among SEL programs due to the: (1) focus on connections as a means to support social-emotional and mental health, (2) specificity to high school youth, (3) strong, published evidence base, including positive impact 4 months post-program. TCP is on the most rigorous list of evidence-based programs for high school students published by Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning, and recognized in the “Demonstrating Innovative Solutions” category for a “What’s Right with the Region Award”. "

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Wyman’s mission is to empower teens from economically disadvantaged circumstances to lead successful lives and build strong communities. We envision a day when all young people in America will thrive in learning, work and life.
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