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The Pandemic has had a profound impact on the health and welfare of children in the St. Louis Region. School officials have reported an increase in depression, anxiety, and suicide ideation. The Gateway to Wellness: Yoga and Mindfulness for Youth is a holistic mental wellness program for school age students. Our program, which integrates the THRIVE model, evidence-based practices of yoga, social emotional learning, and restorative circles, implemented with fidelity will reduce the above-mentioned stressors in young people. Students will practice yoga, mindfulness, SEL practices, emotional literacy and restorative listening circles, as part of the school day; effectively addressing the needs of the whole child. These skills will enhance student academics while providing tangible coping skills for youth.The program offers an excellent alternative to other disciplinary approaches. Accommodating the schedules of the schools, the program will be delivered before school, during the school day or as an after school program.

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