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Logo for Children's Service Fund

St. Louis County Youth Programs

Center for Youth on the Rise
The Center for Youth on the Rise provides highly accessible services to youth, including a Drop-In Center, Community Case Management, Doors to Success (DTS) adult education, and the Leadership and Resiliency Program (LRP). All program components target positive school engagement, personal effectiveness and well-being and mental health stability. These goals are addressed through individual case management, psycho-education groups, and structured programming. County Youth Programs (CYP), delivers services to youth with support of partner agencies. CYP utilizes a strength-based philosophy, and framework that emphasizes decreasing risk factors and increasing protective factors for youth in order to foster healthy behaviors and create thriving adults. This is a process of providing opportunities, building skills and recognizing a youth's efforts and achievement, while allowing them to bond with positive adults and peers with consistent boundaries and behavior expectations.

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To help youth become healthy and productive in their community through supportive mental health and youth development services.
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