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Save Our Youth

Save Our Youth Mental Health Program
The SOYMHP offers mental health education and therapeutic counseling that teaches evidence-based strategies to increase children's resiliency throughout St. Louis County (e.g., North County, West County, University City, Ferguson, Spanish Lake, etc.). We restore a sense of safety in the home and community in partnership with parents and children. The program focuses on teaching results-based parenting strategies that interrupt dysfunctional parenting patterns of behavior, increase family interaction, improve communication, and enable youth and parents to resolve issues. Children/teens are given strategies to improve emotional regulation, decrease impulsive behaviors, increase social skills, and increase cooperative behavior in the community and at home. After a referral, each client takes a pre-assessment, which includes a psychosocial assessment for the family, the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale, an ACES inventory for both parent and child and a parenting assessment for parents. If needed, referrals are made for services such as psychiatric services. Sessions are scheduled based on the family's needs. New goals may be included in the treatment plan during the six to eight-week sessions. Following the appropriate number of sessions, clients receive a post-assessment to determine progress toward treatment goals. Based on the perceived level of need, services can be increased/decreased or continued at the current level, or the family may have successfully completed their goals, and services are no longer needed.

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