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Every Adolescent and Child Health Focus
Early Adolescent and Child Health Focus (EACHFocus; formerly InHomeFOCUS), is a program that provides youth aged 7 to 19 early intervention outpatient therapy to address negative mental and behavioral health symptoms, and relationship issues that can often present in childhood. Program goals include reaching youth as problems and issues develop, helping them address their specific needs, and improving emotional, behavioral and relationship functioning. The program helps promote positive parenting skills, family integration, and can reduce the need for residential or other out-of-home placements, thus serving individuals in the least restrictive environment by providing services and supports to youth and their caregivers that enable them to remain at home and in the community.

LifeFOCUS is a 30-day temporary shelter program providing intensive mental health services plus aftercare for youth ages 10 to 19 with a goal of reducing their behavioral and emotional symptoms, and enhancing decision-making skills and relationships. LifeFOCUS helps youth and families resolve issues so that the youth can return home and be successful. For youth in challenging home situations, an extended stay may be provided. Clients receive a complete initial assessment by a licensed, masters-level clinician, who works with them to identify treatment goals and intervention plans. While in the program, the client participates in psychotherapy and psychoeducation groups, and art therapy. Participants receive non-therapeutic counseling from staff, including mentoring and solution-focused interventions for problematic behaviors in shelter units. After completing the program, youth and their families are provided up to 6-months of additional outpatient counseling.

St. Vincent Home for Children recently launched the new LifeCRISIS Program to better serve runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth in St. Louis. As with all programs at St. Vincent, LifeCRISIS Program services are provided free of charge to participants. The program supports youth ages 10-19 of all genders through a variety of services including street outreach; safe and secure shelter; basic essentials including nutritious meals, personal care kits including hygiene items, and PPE; case management; crisis intervention; mental health resources and individualized support. A key component of the LifeCRISIS program is St. Vincent’s newly opened Drop-In Center, the first of its kind for the agency. The Drop-In Center is located within St. Vincent’s facility and has its own schedule of programs and services that will be managed by St. Vincent Clinical and Program Staff during operational hours, which are 4:30pm to 7pm Monday through Friday. The Drop-In Center has a dedicated secure entry with services and programs housed in the recently remodeled MAE Center which is a state-of-the-art facility with technology resources, a teaching kitchen, sound studio, classroom with smart board, game room, exercise room, multipurpose room. The Drop-In Center maximizes the resources of the MAE Center and will feature a schedule of support services including GED and tutoring, Art Therapy, nutrition education and health education classes, psychoeducation groups, and referrals for professional and support services. The overall goal for the Drop-In Center is to serve as a safe haven and key resource for youth in our community to find support programs and caring interaction. We anticipate serving 50 youth each week in the Drop-In Center, with 35 projected to visit more than one time, and 15 projected to visit one time. We anticipate the following: 65% of youth who come to the Drop-In Center and attend two or more tutoring/education mentoring sessions will be provided skills to maintain or improve academic performance; 65% of youth who come to the Drop-In Center and attend two or more recreation or community-based activities will demonstrate increased community mindedness and/or relationship permanency; and 65% of youth who come to the Drop-In Center and attend two or more behavioral health support sessions (ie: group psychoeducation) will demonstrate decreased frequency or intensity of presenting problem behaviors or remain stable.

LifePATHS is a 30-to-90-day transitional living treatment program plus 6-month aftercare services for youth ages 16 to 19 with a goal of building life skills so they can transition into a successful career trajectory and living independently. Each client receives an initial assessment by a licensed, masters-level clinician, who works with the youth to identify treatment goals and intervention plans. The therapist provides weekly individual therapy, family therapy if needed, and case management. Residents participate in intensive psychotherapy and psychoeducation groups building life and job skills, and art therapy sessions. Residents also receive non-therapeutic counseling and case management services from staff that includes mentoring and solution-focused interventions for problematic behaviors in residential units. After completing the residential program, youth receive up to six months of outpatient counseling with their therapist and job support services.

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At Saint Vincent we help youth facing significant life challenges through love, security and therapeutic supports that enable them to improve their lives, their families and the community.
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