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Miriam Learning Center

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (ECMHC)
Miriam Learning Center's Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation program provides interventions for children, who meet the St. Louis County CSF residency requirement, ages 2 to 5, who are at risk of losing preschool or childcare placement due to social/emotional/behavioral concerns. Those who have experienced a recent trauma also qualify for services. Interventions may include on-site diagnostics, counseling, case management, and teacher/parent consultation and education. The program's goal is to decrease mental health symptoms to ensure the child retains his or her placement.

In School Counseling at Private and Parochial Schools
Miriam Learning Center's in school counseling program provides counseling for students age 3 to 18, who have mental health issues or recent trauma who are St. Louis County residents and who attend private or faith-based schools. Services include in-school student counseling, teacher consultation, psychoeducational seminars, testing to identify mental health issues, and case management for community referrals. The purpose of the program is to reduce mental health symptoms and related behaviors.

Alternative Choices to Success (ACTS)
Miriam Learning Center's Alternative Choices to Success (ACTS) is a comprehensive intervention program for students in the Normandy School Collaborative who are at risk of disciplinary action, such as in-school or out-of-school suspension due to social/emotional/behavioral issues. ACTS utilizes psychological testing, presentations, and group and 1:1 therapeutic, trauma informed and restorative practice therapy to improve a student's ability to exhibit social and emotional competencies and coping strategies and to decrease negative behaviors and mental health symptoms that can lead to disciplinary actions at school.

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