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KHAOS Mindset
KHAOS Mindset is a nonclinical and customizable social and emotional learning toolkit that teaches effective coping strategies to lessen the impacts of chronic trauma, particularly the traumas of racism. The aim of this mental health prevention and promotion program is to provide adolescents ages 8-18 in St Louis County with social-emotional tools to navigate the impacts of adverse childhood experiences, mediate the effects of intergenerational trauma, enhance self-identity, and bolster coping strategies. The KHAOS Mindset program does this by using motivational enhancement, psychoeducation on trauma, stigma reduction, pro social bonding and social and emotional skills reflecting CBT principles to guide participants in enriching skills to manage their complex trauma symptoms. To promote efficacy, workshops focused on assessing, addressing and reducing the effects of toxic stress and psychoeducation should be delivered to community members who interact with participants in the program.

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