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Joe’s Place

Transitional Housing and Human Services Programs for Youth
Joe's Place is a transitional housing program that started from a perpetual need for unhoused male teens in the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District (MRH) in 2006. High school students become unhoused every year due to family difficulties like poverty, parent death, or incarceration. Up to five students, ages 14 to 19, can reside in the house, which is located one block from the high school. Two house parents and a case manager facilitate the resident program in partnership with the Director of Student Services at MRH. The resident program provides senior and summer enrichment programs to prepare the participants for high school graduation, college, trade school, and career choices. After graduation, the participants enter the alum program for additional support needs during their post-secondary education years. This program supports the needs of residents and alums up to age 19.

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