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Individual and Family Therapy
JF&CS's clinical counseling services initiate a process of change to improve overall well-being and help clients to achieve optimal health. The Individual and Family Therapy (IFT) program provides psychotherapy to address behavioral/emotional issues exhibited by children and adolescents, and their causes. The program strengthens and supports individuals and families to increase the level of independent functioning of the individual and within the family unit.

Outpatient Psychiatry Services
JF&CS psychiatry provides no-cost diagnostic and medication services for children and adolescents in order to alleviate debilitating symptoms. The psychiatrist addresses emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety, as well as neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD and autism, allowing children to continue on their developmental path. The comprehensive psychiatric evaluation explores the history of the mental/behavioral health challenges, provides a medical decision relative to the prescribing of psychoactive medications, and addresses the selection and prescription of that medication. In addition, the initial psychiatry appointment includes education about any prescribed medication, including side effects, preferred administration, schedule of follow-up appointments for medication monitoring, and when it is important to contact the psychiatrist.

Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)
The Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) provides a team of specialists trained to work with schools throughout the St. Louis area to teach children, teachers and parents about body safety, the warning signs of sexual abuse and safe internet use. Children are taught in a safe, non-threatening manner designed to entertain and inform them. Though the ultimate goal of the program is prevention, the presentations also teach children who have seen or experienced abuse the importance of reporting the incident to a trusted adult. School counselors report that students privately disclose incidents of abuse after hearing the JF&CS presentation. These disclosures open the door to intervention and healing for affected children and their families.

Learning and Behavioral Diagnostic Center
The Learning and Behavioral Diagnostic Center provides in-depth psychological and learning evaluations for children/adolescents in order to better understand their areas of strength and struggle, allowing them to move forward in their educational and social lives. Evaluation assists parents in understanding their child's personality, temperament and behavior, enabling them to meet their child's emotional and social needs. Evaluations also enable children to access needed educational services, make recommendations for psychiatric and/or counseling services, and provide diagnostic clarification and information to psychiatrists and counselors for more effective treatment. Evaluation utilizes interviews with parents and children, formal and informal interactions with the child, information from collateral sources such as teachers, and formal testing to provide a holistic picture of the child, including cognitive abilities, social and emotional development, personality, and adjustment.

School-Based Services
The school-based services team provides customized on-site services to students in schools across St. Louis County to improve their emotional and behavioral health. School-based services include individual and group therapy, and consultation with parents and teachers. Preschool developmental screenings and social-emotional psychoeducational groups are also offered. Students referred to JF&CS's school-based services have been affected by anxiety, depression, stress in the home, classroom outbursts, and social issues such as exclusion from peers.

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Inspired by the Jewish tradition to make the world a better place, JF&CS helps and supports people in need to meet their challenges.
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