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Fostering Futures
Fostering Futures is a family stabilization program that provides in-home services for St. Louis County children between the ages of 3 and 19 along with their caregivers. Fostering Futures offers three structured tracks including Community Based, Stabilization and Reunification. The Community Based track provides interventions designed to assist families in staying together when a youth is at risk of removal. The Stabilization track is for youth who have been placed into foster care and are residing with a foster or relative family to prevent numerous out of home moves. The Reunification track helps support youth during the transition from out of home care back to their families of origin.

Autism Respite
Great Circle's Autism Respite program offers a much-needed break to families dealing with the stress that accompanies the unique challenges of caring for children with special needs. The program's goal is to reduce this stress and keep the family intact. Respite allows parents to recharge their batteries and focus on other areas in their life, such as spending time with other family members, completing household tasks, participating in recreational activities, focusing on self-care, and other activities that can be more difficult while caring for a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Services can be provided in the home or on-site at Great Circle's Respite House. Both settings provide a safe option for parents and emphasizes development of the child's independent living and interpersonal skills. The program identifies individualized goals for each child, while working to increase each child's ability to function more independently both in the home and community setting.

School-Based Mental Health Program
The School-Based Mental Health Program provides individual therapy, group therapy, crisis intervention and case management services to students in the Ferguson-Florissant and Riverview Gardens school districts who either have a mental health diagnosis or present with symptoms that may lead to a mental health diagnosis.

School Based Prevention Program
The School-based Prevention Program provides emotional, behavior and academic support to students. The program specifically targets students in need of Tier 2 and 3 interventions of the Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS). The School-based Prevention program is embedded in Ferguson-Florissant school district and select schools in the Riverview Gardens School District. Program staff provide Family Support, Mentoring, Substance Abuse and Behavior Intervention Services to students who are referred to the program by the education staff and parents.

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Great Circle is an agency that provides a unique spectrum of behavioral health services to children and families. With specialized programs and highly-trained professionals, we provide hope to those in difficult circumstances throughout Missouri and beyond.
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