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Maternity Shelter & Transitional Living
Good Shepherd's Maternity Shelter & Transitional Living Program, as its name implies, provides intensive shelter and group-based transitional living services for at-risk moms and their babies who are facing homelessness. Aside from room, board, and 24-hour professional oversight, mothers receive an array of services aimed at ensuring healthy delivery, healthy parenting, and successful independence. Services include comprehensive assessment, individual counseling,case management, and one-on-one coaching, as well as group therapy, psycho-education, and parent training. Because educational attainment is a core aspect of our model, clients receive academic guidance and advocacy, as well as tutoring and vocational training. Routine well care and health education/counseling is provided by our staff nurse, and obstetric and other medical care is provided by Mercy Clinic Family Medicine or by the mother's own physician if she prefers.

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In response to the call of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, to help those in need, we connect children with families and keep families connected.
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