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Developmental Trauma Treatment Services
FamilyForward's Developmental Trauma Center provides neurobiologically and developmentally informed therapeutic services to children with exposure to significant childhood trauma, with a specialty in the unique needs of foster and adoptive families. The Developmental Trauma Center houses assessment services, home/office-based therapy, parent education, and intensive early intervention programming at the Therapeutic Preschool. Each of these programs are framed by the understanding that early trauma/neglect negatively impacts the development of key areas of the brain, and that personalized intervention is imperative for successful growth and recovery. Every family system is unique, and we work intentionally to provide access to a wide range of therapeutic techniques that will set them up for success.

Comprehensive Community Services for Children and Families
FamilyForward's Comprehensive Community Services operate from a holistic, trauma-informed, child development perspective understanding that every person has certain core needs for wellbeing, especially safety, social connections, and stability. Through an intensive interdisciplinary approach, our team addresses the individual, familial, and community factors that are known risk factors for abuse, neglect and other family dysfunction. This is done through a wraparound assessment, counseling, parent coaching, case management, and advocacy to increase the family unit's resilience and establish healthier relationships along with improved knowledge for parents to support their children's social and emotional development. Services are available to children and families who have come to the attention of the child welfare system or who are voluntarily seeking assistance to reduce risk factors that may be associated with child maltreatment.

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FamilyForward moves vulnerable children in the direction of hope by delivering comprehensive therapeutic and educational services to support biological, foster, and adoptive families.
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