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Family and Community Empowerment Program
The program entitled "CARE," Creating Amazing Relationships and Engagement" will benefit children ages 0-17 in St. Louis County by providing evidence-based parenting education. According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, research has identified a number of parent or caregiver factors that potentially contribute to maltreatment. These include substance use, unresolved mental health issues, the young age of a parent, lack of education, difficulty bonding or nurturing with the child, prior history of child abuse, or other trauma. Through CARE, we propose to build on the strengths of parents/caregivers by providing parenting education, access to services, and therapy. We will partner with an MSW to provide six parent education training sessions for 12-15 parents on Tuesday evenings at 6:00 PM; four CARE sessions per year. We will use the Triple P Parenting, Positive Parenting Program focusing on ages 0-12 and teens. Sessions will be held at a local library with a neutral address for all parents recruited or referred. Virtual sessions will be considered if necessary. The overall objective is to build effective child development skills, directly impacting the home life of the children we serve. Upon conclusion of the CARE program, and based on evaluation and need, at least five children or families will be provided additional sessions to ensure service efficacy.

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