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Project Safe Space
Project Safe Space specializes in providing trauma-informed school-based mental health services to immigrant, refugee, and ELL children and youth between the ages of 5-19. Our therapeutic services empower youth with self-regulation skills, healthier coping skills, and a better understanding of their emotions and needs. Services provided by the Project Safe Space team include comprehensive trauma-informed assessments, trauma-focused individual and group therapy utilizing somatic-based and EMDR interventions, limited caregiver/family support and case management supports for Clients and their families, and trauma-informed professional development training and individualized coaching for partnering school staff. The project currently partners with schools in Ritenour, Bayless, Hazelwood, and Pattonville School Districts.

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Our mission is to ensure equal access to healthcare, mental health, and social services for all, regardless of national origin or language ability, through the advocacy, education, and direct multilingual services that we provide.
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