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Girl Powher!
Girl Powher! is a life-transforming coaching program for young Black girls age 6 to 19 with a mission to ignite self-recognition, resilience, and triumph over life's challenges, and flourish in every aspect of life. At Girl PowHer, we impart crucial behavioral and mindset skills, empowering them to harness the boundless potential of their thoughts and mental faculties. Guided by personalized, one-on-one sessions dedicated to nurturing critical mindsets, these remarkable young individuals cultivate a reservoir of happiness, unshakable confidence, and unwavering self-esteem, fostering their resilience, self-guidance, and accomplishments throughout the immersive 12-month journey. By pinpointing and reshaping restrictive beliefs, Girl Powher empowers these girls to actively forge affirming convictions that kindle self-assurance and pave the path for personal evolution.

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