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Behavioral Health Response Inc.

St. Louis County Youth Connection Helpline
BHR's St. Louis County Youth Connection Helpline provides telephonic/chat/text crisis intervention, mobile outreach, and follow up care coordination to youth ages 19 and under and their parents, guardians and concerned individuals in St. Louis County. Callers have unrestricted 24/7 access to mental health professionals for behavioral health assessment, crisis intervention, brief solution focused support to improve short term functioning and assistance navigating the system of care. The goal is to ensure appropriate, timely linkage to ongoing mental health services and diversion from emergency services.

St Louis County Youth Connection Helpline (Prevention)
BHR’s YCH Presentations are available for youth, teachers and other school staff, and other community members who interact with youth on subject matters such as Emotional Regulation, Trauma Informed Care, Suicide Assessment and Prevention and awareness of the Helpline. Emotional Regulation presentations help students identify the signs their bodies give to indicate they are feeling overwhelmed so they are able to self-correct and includes a self-care plan. Suicide Prevention presentations for students and/or staff meet DESE’s recommendation for annual education. Trauma Informed Care provides education on the impact of trauma on emotional, social and physical health, how the brain functions under stress, and how to help emotionally regulate students in the classroom."

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BHR’s mission is to ensure compassionate and immediate barrier free access to behavioral healthcare.