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Children's Treatment Program (CTP)
Funds requested will support ALIVEs Children's Treatment Program (CTP) which provides counseling to children ages 2 to 17 in ALIVE's primary service area (St. Louis City and St. Louis, Franklin, Jefferson, and St. Charles Counties) who have witnessed DV and their non-abusive parent, helping them heal from trauma and build healthy relationships. This program, started in 2002, was the first area non-residential counseling program specifically focused on treating these secondary victims and remains the only such program today.

ALIVE Nights of Safety Program
ALIVE requests funding for its Nights of Safety (NOS) program. Unique to St. Louis and beyond, NOS places DV victims in immediate danger at partner motels when area DV shelters are full or cannot meet the needs of clients. Unlike many area DV shelters, which are typically filled due to a shortage of bed space, ALIVE can house clients with large families or teenage male children, as well as male and LGBTQIA+ clients. In response to the need for other DV shelter options, NOS partners with confidentially located motels to provide safe shelter capacity is limited only by funding. NOS is intended to be temporary with the goal of securing longer term shelter and stability such as a traditional DV shelter, relocation with family/friends, or to the client's own safe housing. NOS also provides transportation, basic needs and other resources to promote safety, stability, and comfort for clients and their children during their stay with us.

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ALIVE"s mission is to provide counseling, emergency sanctuary and other critical services to adults and children impacted by domestic abuse, as well as to increase awareness in order to create a supportive community.
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