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Safe Place.

Youth In Need (YIN) is the regional provider of Safe Place, a national program that educates young people about experiences of crisis such as running away, homelessness, abuse and neglect, safety, exploitation, etc. Offering a network of “safe places” or youth friendly businesses in St. Louis County during times of crisis, public locations (both for-profit and nonprofit) as well as the Youth Connection Helpline serve as places where youth can access immediate help in locations that are convenient and familiar.

St. Louis County Safe Place Resource.

When a young person is in need of a safe place, specially trained businesses and youth-friendly organizations serve as temporary safe locations until YIN staff can assess the situation and offer counseling, support, a place to stay, transportation or other resources.

Currently the largest Safe Place provider in the country, Youth In Need manages 488 businesses, more than 300 Metro St. Louis buses and trains, and 23 Christian Hospital EMS vehicles that support children and teens by offering their businesses as designated “safe places” in the St. Louis region. St. Louis County has 244 locations. These partners work closely with YIN to ensure all employees complete a brief but thorough training program so they are equipped to help youth in the best way possible.

To see a list of National Safe Place sites, please visit: www.nationalsafeplace.org