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Follow along with us as we share stories about our work here at CSF, the impact our partners are having on kids and families in the community, and information about mental and behavioral health services in St. Louis County. There is so much to feel inspired and hopeful about, and we’re excited to tell you all about it.

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CSF has been very supportive and encouraging every step of the way, trying to break down barriers and create real-world, workable solutions to help increase access to services for children in St. Louis County. 

– Music That Reclaims, Grassroots Partner

St. Louis County Community News and Stories.

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Keep up with all that’s happening here at St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund.

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Stay informed about St. Louis County children’s mental and behavioral health news stories.

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Press Releases

See what new initiatives are underway here at the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund.

Learn more about our partners in St. Louis County and the services they offer.