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Grassroots Funding Opportunity.

The Grassroots Funding Opportunity was established in partnership with our Community Advisory Committee. Our Grassroots partners embody what it means to be of and for the community. They are trusted in their communities, their staff and leadership reflect the families they serve, and they provide services to kids and families through a framework based on the strengths of their shared sense of community.

We’re investing more than $3.6 million into 29 organizations through our 2023-2025 Grassroots Funding Opportunity.

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What is the Grassroots Funding Opportunity?

Within the St. Louis region, there has been long-standing systemic disparities that have resulted in a lack of investment in underserved communities. We know more kids could be better served by investing in smaller, community-based organizations that are best positioned to deliver meaningful and innovative services to their communities. This funding opportunity ensures a more holistic portfolio of funded programs through partnering with organizations that reflect the communities they serve. Grassroots is supported through a traditional grant funding model.

Who is Eligible to Receive Grassroots Funding.

Organizations that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the Grassroots Funding Opportunity:

  • Registered 501(c)3s and government agencies
  • Funded programs fall within our main focus areas.
  • Preference given to organizations with operating budgets of $1 million or less
  • Community-based organizations that align geographically with the community they serve
  • Leadership and staff largely reflect the community being served
  • Use community-based approaches to intervene in localized issues or problems

There are many types of programs that qualify for Grassroots funding, including: 

  • Programs that enhance the social and emotional capacity of children and youth
  • Family strengthening programs
  • Youth development and empowerment services
  • Programs that promote physical and mental health prevention and intervention
  • Services that focus on healing from trauma
  • Substance use education, prevention and intervention programming
  • Individual, family, group, or community-wide services that promote wellbeing
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We fund 29 local nonprofits through our Grassroots Funding Opportunity. Learn more about them and their unique approaches to mental and behavioral health.