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Core Funding Opportunity.

The Core Funding Opportunity was the first funding mechanism created by the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund. As a new organization charged with responsibly distributing taxpayer dollars, we developed the Core Funding Opportunity to support local organizations that provide mental and behavioral health services to kids and families in St. Louis County. 

Through our 2023-2026 Core Funding Opportunity, we’re investing $150 million into 71 local organizations providing mental and behavioral health services to kids and families.

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What is the Core Funding Opportunity.

As our largest allocation, the Core Funding Opportunity supports many different services, from substance use treatment to transitional housing to therapeutic counseling, and more. Core partners are organizations that use proven methods, and we expect them to have strong track records of yielding positive impact on kids’ lives. Our Core partners have the capacity to provide services and are supported by CSF through a standardized unit rate model of funding. As its name implies, Core is at the center of our work, supporting our mission of improving the lives of kids and families in St. Louis County.

Who is Eligible to Receive Core Funding.

Organizations that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the Core Funding Opportunity:

  • Registered 501(c)3s and government agencies
  • Capacity to work within a unit rate model of funding
  • Capacity to measure and report outcomes and impact
  • Programming falls within our main focus areas.

There are many types of programs that qualify for Core funding, including: 

  • Programs that enhance the social and emotional capacity of children and youth
  • Family strengthening programs
  • Youth development and empowerment services
  • Programs that promote physical and mental health prevention and intervention
  • Services that focus on healing from trauma
  • Substance use education, prevention and intervention programming
  • Individual, family, group, or community-wide services that promote wellbeing
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We fund 71 local nonprofits and government agencies through our Core Funding Opportunity. Learn more about them and the services they provide on our Who We Fund page.