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St. Louis County Psychological Testing and Assessment Services.

Understanding what a child needs to be mentally and emotionally healthy is an important part of setting them up for a bright future. If a child has been through a traumatic experience or their behavior is concerning, meeting with a psychologist for testing and assessment may be a good step.

Through psychological testing and assessment, parents, guardians, teachers, counselors and others involved in a child’s life can learn more about the child’s needs and how best to support them. After a child meets with a psychologist, the psychologist will make recommendations about next steps, including what type of care might benefit the child. They may also connect you with a case manager to ensure other needs you or your child have are being met and coordinated.

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Meet Our Psychological Testing and Assessment Partners.

In St. Louis County, there are many caring and professional psychologists who have experience working with kids. At CSF, we fund many organizations that offer psychological testing and assessment. Learn more about our partners below.