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St. Louis County Non-Therapeutic Counseling Services.

Non-therapeutic counseling is a type of one-on-one counseling that is focused on education and reinforcing lessons. Unlike therapeutic counseling, non-therapeutic counseling typically does not involve clinical methods of treatment. Instead, it usually involves working with a counselor on building new skills for navigating everyday situations.

Both kids and parents can benefit from non-therapeutic counseling services. For example, a child might work with a counselor to learn how to express their needs to their parents or teachers. Parents or adults who work with kids could also meet with a professional to receive guidance and coaching on parenting skills and how to interact with kids.

teenager sitting and talking with someone.

Meet Our Non-Therapeutic Counseling Partners.

Working with the right counselors can help kids and adults strengthen their social and emotional skills, setting them up for bright futures. At CSF, we partner with many organizations that provide non-therapeutic counseling services to both parents and kids. Learn more about them below.