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St. Louis County Homeless Support Services.

The needs of those who do not have permanent housing go far beyond shelter. Homeless support services include programs like street outreach and youth drop-in centers, where organizations connect with kids who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness to ensure they have food to eat, a place to use a bathroom and showers, and access to other services they may need like crisis intervention or substance use treatment. It can also include extra support for teen parents who are living in a shelter.

At CSF, we recognize that ensuring a person’s basic needs are being met, especially when their housing situation may be unstable, is so important to making sure kids grow up to be mentally and emotionally healthy.

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Meet Our Homeless Support Services Partners.

Our partners offer critical services for those who are living without permanent housing in St. Louis County. Whether you need mental health care, basic provisions, or you or someone you know is unhoused or at risk of becoming unhoused, there is help available. See our partners that offer homeless support services.