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Latosha Fowlkes.

2023 Excellence in Mental Health – Community Mental Mental Health Provider Awardee
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Latosha Fowlkes, President, and Chief Executive Officer of The Core Collective at Saint Vincent (The CC) is the 2023 Excellence in Mental Health – Community Mental Health Provider Awardee. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois and Missouri with over 17 years of service and leadership experience. Latosha moved to St. Louis in 2010, where she managed over 100 supportive housing units throughout St. Louis City. Before joining The CC, Latosha served as the Executive Director of The Good Samaritan House of Granite City.

In 2020, Latosha joined St. Vincent Home for Children as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Known as an expert change agent and strategist, Latosha has transformed this 170-year legacy organization into what is now known as The Core Collective at Saint Vincent (The CC). This new name aligns with the implementation of an inspiring new vision, mission, strategic plan, and brand that stands on the foundation of this legacy organization.

Latosha is described as a dynamic visionary deeply connected to her community and extremely mission-driven while remaining a compassionate, empowering, and inspirational leader.

In her free time, Latosha and her husband, Captain Javan Fowlkes, spend time traveling, utilizing the beautiful parks that exist in our region, and placing a high value on spending time with their family.

“I absolutely love all the important transformation work being done in our region. With our 100,000-square-foot facility and twenty-two-acre campus, we are on a mission to make well-being the standard for our region. We improve health care for families, advance socioeconomic equity, and activate conscious leaders.” 

The Core Collective offers unique opportunities for nonprofits to join a trusted hub of agencies focused on housing, healing, and improving the overall well-being of our children, their families, and intergenerational members of our community. In addition to the hub, The Core Collective’s new vision includes the following:

  • The development of intergenerational housing on campus.
  • The expansion of a transitional living program for older youth.
  • Access to diverse modalities of interventions for community mental health services.
  • An increase in the community through our Street Outreach Program.

“We are investing in our assets, programs, and the community to ensure we provide responsive, state-of-the-art care and facilities to those needing our professional care. We look forward to welcoming the community as we emerge as a hub of housing, healing, and well-being.”  – Latosha Fowlkes