Logo for Children's Service Fund
Logo for Children's Service Fund

We are thrilled to announce our 2023-2025 Grassroots Funding recipients! In its second funding allocation, the Grassroots Funding cycle will distribute $3,643,428 among 29 organizations that provide mental and behavioral health services to children and families in St. Louis County.

We launched the Grassroots Funding Opportunity in 2021 as a pilot program to channel additional funding toward underserved communities in St. Louis County. For this second cycle of Grassroots Funding, we have nearly doubled our investment as well as the number of organizations we fund through it. Each funded program falls within one of our focus areas, which includes crisis intervention, substance use treatment, therapeutic and non-therapeutic counseling, transitional housing and more. CSF staff along with an external team of community reviewers reviewed applications before recommendations were approved by the board of directors.

“As we enter a new funding cycle, we are excited to welcome back our previous partners, who were part of our initial Grassroots Funding Opportunity in 2021. We are also thrilled to form new connections with 12 organizations that we are partnering with for the first time. We all have a shared vision of supporting the mental and behavioral health of kids and families in St. Louis County, and we look forward to growing and learning together over the next two years” said Emily Koenig, executive director of CSF.

The 2023-2025 Grassroots Funding Recipients are:

  • Family Resources and Community Connections
  • Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation
  • St. Louis Queer Support Helpline (SQSH)
  • The Community Reach
  • The SoulFisher Ministries
  • Dr. Mesha’s Chosen Women Foundation
  • Infant Loss Resources
  • Save Our Youth
  • The Collective STL
  • The Oxygen Project: Yoga for Youth
  • Behind It All Foundation
  • Asian American Civic Scholars
  • Joe’s Place
  • St. Louis Survivors Legal Support
  • Vitendo4Africa
  • Artists First
  • Bread and Roses Missouri
  • Good Journey Development Foundation
  • Hope Creates
  • St. Louis ArtWorks
  • A Red Circle
  • Barak Christian Church
  • Bridging Families to Communities and Beyond
  • KHAOS Inc.
  • Episcopal City Mission
  • Flourish Foundation
  • Girls In The Know
  • Breakpoint Tennis & Life Skills Academy

We look forward to celebrating our 2023-2025 Grassroots Funding partners at our Zest For The Best event on Thursday, August 24. The event will feature hors d’oeuvres, beverages, a photo booth and networking opportunities for all attendees. St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page is scheduled to give remarks along with Emily Koenig and others.

Learn more about the Grassroots Funding Opportunity and visit our interactive map of providers to see what mental and behavioral health services are available in the area.